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Step Into The Spotlight

I understand the unique bond between an artist and their client. As the first face you encounter before stepping in front of the camera, my role is more than just applying makeup – it's about creating a safe, intimate space where your vision comes to life.

I recognize that every client may feel a touch of nerves, which is why I prioritize fostering a positive atmosphere. Whether it's for PR events, trade shows, advertising campaigns, music videos, artist portraits, fashion shows, or festivals, my services cater to both business and private clients alike.

Let me transform your look and elevate your confidence, ensuring you shine both on and off the camera.


Transparent Texture

Body Paint

Body painting stands as one of the most captivating art forms globally. Through various techniques like brushwork, sponging, and airbrushing, artists craft intricate designs. This creative process offers a beautiful avenue for self-expression and often proves to be a deeply therapeutic journey.

Editorial Makeup 

Editorial makeup serves as a means of expression, capable of interpreting narratives and conveying hidden meanings. It's a vibrant, creative style that commands attention with its bold colors, sharp angles, clean lines, and stylish flair, or anything in between.


Hair has always been crucial for self-expression, whether it's in a period piece or a playful creative shoot. Wigs have the power to utterly transform, adding a whole new dimension to your look.


SFX/character makeup is an enthralling journey into the world of creating characters, from breathing life into fantastical creatures to achieving gritty realism. Whether it's a whimsical fantasy realm or a raw, authentic portrayal, the art of SFX makeup empowers performers to fully inhabit their roles and mesmerize audiences.

Bring Your Vision To Life.

I'd be thrilled to collaborate with you to make your vision a reality.

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